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Caught Cheating – How to Uncover a Cheater’s Love Affair Effortlessly


We all know the pain that doubt can bring to your life when you suspect someone in your relationship is cheating. The thought of a love affair may hurt, but the unknown can hurt much worse and cause an unneeded lingering of emotional stress that is unarguably very bad for your health. For the closure you deserve in these trying times you need to have him/her caught cheating so you can move on with your life. No matter how much it hurts, undisputed proof is obviously the best weapon to break free from the vicious cycle that plagues you at this moment.

What I am about to offer you is not as much advice as it is the tools and technology currently available that you can use for very little investment. What little money you spend on these new technologies is nothing compared to relief and gratification you will experience, in fact, it’s priceless. Even more importantly, it may expose that your partner is in fact not cheating at all. This technology could in fact repair the distrust you have in your partner and send the unfounded heartache away.

Cheating Tool 1

Cell phones are a cheaters best friend. The cheating partner totes it around wherever they go and denies you access to any of it’s contents. Your mind swirls with distress at the text messages and calls that must be being made on the phone. Rest your worried head. There is now actual spyware that can be uploaded to a cell phone that installs undetected to the user of the cell phone. Once the software is installed you can easily go online and from your computer access all text messages that were made and phone numbers in your own privacy while they are away.

The only hard work you have to endure is getting access to their phone for a few minutes when they are in the shower or sleeping. If you can do that, then you will from there on have all the information you need to know what is really going on with your cheater’s cell phone. The company that provides this service is Plimus. They charge a subscription fee to access the phone information online, but it will be money well spent, the software is free. Your cheater will need to be using a smartphone, so if their phone is analog this tactic will not work.

If you have the money and want to be sneaky, buy them a new phone, but not before first installing the new software!

Cheating Tool 2

Home phones are still a way to contact someone during a love affair. Why give them the chance to sneak by on the home phone? If you have a computer at home that has a 56k dial up modem installed then all you need is some sneaky software to start recording all calls made to and from your phone. Install the Telephone Spy software offered from Spy Arsenal and never guess what was said over the phone again. The software only records when calls are being made or coming in so you can quickly browse through all the calls made that day with some earphones late at night and listen to or skip the conversations made.

Cheating Tool 3

Installing software on the cheating partner’s computer is great for exposing a love affair. Many people in a love affair these days start it all on the Internet, so chances are you can catch the cheater before they even break your heart if you are lucky enough. The 007 Spy Software goes beyond just key logging and IM spying, it takes screen snapshots of all the activity, and even better … remotely sends you the information via email.

Depending on the scale of espionage you are willing to partake in, you can easily and reliably catch that cheating partner and rid of the problems associated with being in an unhealthy relationship.


Source by Aaron Siegel

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