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Convert MKV to VOB In Easy Steps

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Matroska file format (MKV) is a relatively new file format, which boasts of larger storage capacity for video, audio and digital images. Unfortunately, this format is not yet supported by most video and music players. Video object files (VOB) on the other hand are compatible with the majority of video and music devices. So if you intend to enjoy video, audio and digital MKV files in your iPad, Blackberry, netbook, game consoles and other device, you will have to convert MKV to VOB.

What is MKV video format and what is so special with it? Aside from the larger storage capacity mentioned above, MKV is an open standard free container format. Its open nature makes implementation using mostly open source software possible. Matroska file types are.MKV for video,.MKA for audio, and.MKS for subtitles only. MKV files can be directly played in Windows if you have the latest CCCP pack from Matroska download page installed.

Converting MKV to VOB requires that you have an MKV video to convert and an MKV to VOB converter. The Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is ideal software to use for this purpose. It is an easy to use video converter program created by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. It allows the conversion of common (and not so common) video formats to different formats compatible with the majority of multi-media players like your iPhone, Zune, PSP and Archos.

The Wondershare MKV to VOB converter can be downloaded for free on a 30-day trial basis. This trial pack is fully functional and can convert 70% of existing video files. Although the Wondershare Video Converter Platinum is compatible only with Windows OS (including Windows NT4/2000/2004/XP and Windows Vista) there is the Wondershare OSX for your Mac machines. Unfortunately, those running Linux OS are out of luck. The program is also available in other languages, like Chinese. You do not have to worry about downloading this software since it is 100% clean, and it contains no spyware and viruses.

The Wondershare Video Converter Platinum allows basic video editing. This gives you the chance to crop, trim, and add subtitles to your favorite videos. And if that is not enough to whet your pro video editing appetite, the software makes it possible for you to extract audio and image files from the video, merge the videos, and produce multi-shots in different angles. With Wondershare video converter, you have access to 2 real time previews where you can compare 2 different clips and get the best video effects in movies. This video converter also allows batch conversion, wherein several files are converted one time. Naturally, the length of time to convert video files in a batch will take significantly longer.

Obviously the first thing to do if you intend to convert MKV to VOB files is to download the Wondershare MKV to VOB converter. You have to download the installer and save it preferably on the desktop. Click the option to “run the installer as soon as download is complete”. You have the option to delete the installer when you’re done.

Now you have to install the software. Complete the registration and run the software to begin the conversion task. Import the desired MKV video/s by clicking the add button. To make it easier for you to locate the desired files, click the MVK format. The output is indicated in the “profile” tab. Click VOB and indicate where the finished item/s will be saved. An advance option is available. This will allow fine-tuning of the resolution, bit rate, and channel. Choice of channel is stereo, mono and so on.

Pressing the start button will commence MKV to VOB conversion. The conversion time will depend on g on the speed of your processor and other hardware components. You may choose a specific location for your VOB converted files. You also have the option to automatically shut down your computer once the conversion is completed.

Once you have converted your favorite MKV video, audio and digital images to VOB using the MKV to VOB converter, you can now enjoy watching or listening to them in the media-player of your choice. Whether it’s in a widescreen monitor or your portable iPhone, you will enjoy quality videos.


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