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Enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone

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Enter Cell Number To Read Texts Free Without Installing On Target Phone. Are you worried that your significant other is being unfaithful? Or maybe you want to keep tabs on your kids’ online activity or your employee’s browsing habits at the workplace? If you’re going to enter the phone number to spy on their text messages, then the SPY24 app is perfect for you.

Contrary to popular belief, all text messages are automatically logged; yes, even after you delete them. With the rising popularity of text over voice calls, people of all ages, especially those in the younger population, are switching to text messaging to plan the party. Further, with the widespread proliferation of smart devices, employers remain concerned about potential business data leaks through text, therefore they could be spying on their employees.

SPY24 has an iMessage monitoring feature that can successfully intercept text messages and record all calls sent to and from any Apple or Android handheld device. While most text monitoring apps can only intercept regular text messages, SPY24 also retrieves iMessages along with their full content. Though this isn’t a free SMS hacker, using this feature, the app can catch and spy on any phone’s text messages quickly. On top of that, you can use this free SMS tracker without installing on target phone, and in case you have doubts about whether to purchase it, unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free trial, but it offers a goodwill 30-days refund policy with 100% money-back guarantee.

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How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

If you want to intercept text messages without installing software on the target phone, you need to follow the steps as given below:

Step 1: Go to SPY24’s website and choose a subscription plan.

Step 2: Once you make the payment, you will be provided with a license key. Enter the license key to activate the app and follow the installation instructions. The installation process can be done remotely on iPhones, but requires physical access for Android devices.

Step 3: Now, you need simply login to your account from any device (computer or phone), and you’ll be presented with the target phone’s intercepted messages.

This Android and iPhone sms tracker is a great and quick way to ready anyone’s messages.

To learn more details about this app for parents and employees, click here.

Enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone
Enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone

Free apps to spy on text messages without software installation

“This may sound very silly, but I need a free SMS tracker to access text messages without installing anything on the target phone.  I am not spying on anyone by myself!  I dropped my cell phone, and the screen is badly cracked – now, I can’t read my messages.  Please help!” Shannon

We get requests for help from people who want to spy on cell phones of their spouses, children, or employees. Fortunately, you are in luck, because there are free options that will meet your needs.

The only available free option is a web-based service, also an SMS tracker, that will enable you to spy on your phone text messages without installing software. allows users to access one hundred messages – the last 50 incoming and the previous 50 outgoings. It should be more than adequate for your needs. You need to go to their site and follow the prompts to enter your cell number to begin the process. However, users report that this service is fake and malicious, so we don’t really recommend using it.

Spybubble spy app is an excellent option to spy on text messages of your target. It offers a GPS location tracking feature and access through an online console, which would be perfect for you to check your texts. You can also download your data reports using this interface, which is useful.

Paid spy apps and software offer more features and stability. Depending on how long your mobile will be out of action, this might be useful to have. While you don’t need permission to spy on your phone, it is always worth noting that these apps are for legitimate use: protecting children and monitoring company assets, tracking all social media accounts on target devices. But they are not used as SMS spy for monitoring someone’s devices without their knowledge or permission.

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‘Is it possible to read someone’s phone messages without them knowing? I have a loved one who I want to monitor and reading their messages is very important for that.’

Queries like this are normal on the internet. If you are here, you probably have something like this on your mind too.

Most people look for a message interceptor app online that can work without touching their phone. However, what they get are scams and clickbait that steal their time, money, and even infect their systems with viruses.

Therefore, to make sure you aren’t one of those victims, here are some authentic ways to read someone’s private phone messages without touching their phone.

Through these ways, you can read their SMS texts, social media messages, and more. Read this guide further to know what these amazing message monitoring ways are:

Mobile Tracker Free is a phone monitoring solution designed just for what you want. It can spy on any phone without the target person ever finding out.

Not only it will give you every message on the target user’s phone, but there are like 35 other features you can use. From someone’s social media chats to their call logs, you can have it all with Mobile Tracker Free.

I know it sounds unbelievable, and all the things I am going to tell you about it will sound even more so. However, to ease your concern, Mobile Tracker Free even offers a free live demo in which you can see for yourself how awesome an app it is.

Install spyware via text message for free

If you’d like to install spyware on someone’s phone for free and read their text messages, you can utilize the SS7 vulnerability. SS7 are phone signaling protocols used to transmit phone calls. However, this protocol has a certain vulnerability that you can exploit and intercept text messages without a target phone and spy on various other phone activities. If you gain access to the target’s SS7 and phone number, you’ll be able to read messages, listen to calls, or even pinpoint their location. However, this method is very difficult and a lot of users report that it doesn’t work as well as advertised.

What’s the best free SMS tracker app without installing it on the target phone?

Without any doubt, SPY24 is the best Spy app and most accessible way to track SMS messages for free. It offers a plethora of additional spying features and the installation process takes less than 5 minutes. If your target has an iPhone, you can even put SPY24 on their phone remotely, without actually installing any software. SPY24 offers a free demo that lets you test different options for both Android and iPhone devices.


While there are many free options to read someone’s messages without their phone, during our research, we’ve discovered that all of them were scams. These services aim to trick users into using their faulty tool which infects their computers with viruses or steals their data. The most reliable way to read someone’s messages without their phone is to use spy apps. They are affordable, convenient, and jam-packed with advanced spying features.

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