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How Can You Legally Stop Purposeful Internet Flaming on Your Personal Name?

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For anyone in business it is essential to protect your reputation, unfortunately there are a lot of folks out there who go around attacking those who disagree with them politically, are competitors or people they have an argument. The problems that are caused are literally out of control.

When dishonest folks can slander your name online and hide in the shadows under false and fake identities, we have social control by not just the society, government, status quo, but also the lone Internet terrorist. Essentially it is a form of intimidation, social threats and personal terrorism.

But, you can fight back by finding out who owns the websites, which are allowing posts, comments, blogs or forums that are allowing this. Next, you can write a legal letter to them to have them remove such information. You can also request them to disclose the person or person’s real identity which are causing these issues.

Once, you have found out who is doing this slander you can sue them in a court of law. Can you win such a lawsuit? Sometimes you can, in fact you may be able to show intent to slander and show that the individual knew they were posting lies to harm you. In this case you can prevent them from doing this and collect money.

Each time someone fights back it puts up a notice to others online, that there will be consequences for starting false rumors or using the Internet as a tool of social terrorism or personal character attacks and slander. Please consider this, but if you are going to pick on someone, choose me, so I can sue you and continue to make money suing malcontents on the Internet.


Source by Lance Winslow

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