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Review the Spyware for Android Hoverwatch

Spyware for Android Hoverwatch

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Spyware for android phones is a software application that can allow you to monitor the use of android phones by your kids or employees. You can find various types of spyware for android online. Every spy software has certain different features, but some of the standard features like read messages, emails, calendars, history of internet browsing and address book, etc. offered by almost every spyware.

Review the Spyware for Android Hoverwatch
Review the Spyware for Android Hoverwatch

What is spyware for android phones? 

These software options also allow you to track the location of the target device and provide you with alerts by using their location tracking feature. In this way, you can protect your children as well as employees from probable dangers with the help of spyware for android phones.

How legal is it to use spyware? 

According to the criminal laws of the US, the use of most of the spyware is legal due to increasing incidents of cybercrimes. However, the ECPA or Electronic Communications Privacy Act of the US prohibits anyone from disclosing or intercepting private communications through electronic devices. But this act cannot be applicable if the spyware is installed with the consent of the user. In other words, the use of spyware is legal unless it intercepts the privacy of the monitored person.

How easy it is to get data from any phone with Hoverwatch 

Hoverwatch is a free cell phone spy app for android that allows you to get data from any phone very quickly. It will enable you to record the incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls as well as text, audio, and video messages shared through social media networks like Facebook and WhatsApp, etc. It can also help in getting data from the camera of the target phone.

You can also see the contacts, calendar, GPS, and online activities of the phone you are monitoring secretly through this spyware. You can use this app for free even without using your credit card. You can add all the devices of your children to your single account to monitor them as you want.

Do I need specialized knowledge to install and use spyware? 

No specialized knowledge is required to install and use Hoverwatch spyware for android phones. You can start installing and using this app only in three easy steps.

Step 1: First of all, you will have to sign up to open a free account online on the website of by entering your email address and password, etc.

Step 2: After opening your account, you can download and install Hoverwatch, the free spy app, on the mobile phone you want to monitor by using your online account.

Step 3: After installing the app on the target phone, you can start getting text messages and information from that phone through your online account.

Top features of Hoverwatch 

Hoverwatch offers several unique features to help people in monitoring the android mobile phones of their children and employees. These features include:

Recording Call Data 

You can use Hoverwatch to record the detailed information of all the conversations done through that device. You can also see the duration of the discussion along with the name of the person in the conversation for the contact list.

Remains invisible 

This app for the android phone remains invisible to the user of the target phone. He cannot recognize the existence of this secret app on his phone unless he searches specifically for a spy app.

Monitor activities on social media (h3)

This spy application also stores the messages, including SMS and MMS shared through social media networks like Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook, etc.

One account for multiple devices 

You can use a single account to track up to 5 android devices including tablets and phones

Photos from Front Camera

This spy app allows you to use the front camera of the target phone to get the snapshots of its screen as well as a photo of its user in the report section of your online account

SIM Card replacement 

This app also sends you an alert notification if the user of the target phone replaces its SIM card.

Track Location 

The spy app installed on your android phone also allows you to track the location of the monitored phone without over-consuming the battery of your phone. An energy-efficient algorithm is used in this app to prevent draining out your phone battery.

History of Internet activity 

The activities done on the internet through the target phone are also recorded by Hoverwatch. You can know about the websites visited through that phone as for how much time.

Support application 

Hoverwatch, spyware for android phones, supports the parents and business owners to track the activities of their children as well as employees on the phone. They have provided them to remain in touch with them.

Usually, children and employees misuse their phones when they see that no one is monitoring them. In this situation, they typically waste their time in non-productive activities like chatting and messaging their friends, playing games, and visiting sites with adult materials. Such things will distract children from their studies and employees from performing their duties effectively.

In this situation, a spy app for android phones can be the best solution for parents and employers. Hoverwatch is the best spy app as it allows the parents and employers to track the online activities of their children and employees.

Along with tracking the activities on the target phones, this app also helps in ensuring the safety of their users. Parents and employers use the information collected through this app to protect them from a dangerous situation.

Hoverwatch price policy 

Spy app Hoverwatch offers three plans of price to use its services like:

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month € 24,95 € 49,95 € 149,95
3 month € 59,95 € 99,95 € 299,95
1 year € 99,95 € 199,95 € 499,95
  • Personal plan is at the rate of €24.95 for one month, or €59.95 per quarter or €99.95 per year per phone.
  • The professional plan is available at the price of €49.95 per month, or €99.95 per quarter or €199.95 per year to track up to five devices.
  • The business plan of Hoverwatch allows you to track up to 25 devices at the price of €149.95 per month, or €299.95 per quarter or €499.95 per year.


Thus Hoverwatch is the Best Cell Phone Spy as it allows the parents as well as employers to track the usage of the android phone they have provided them to remain in touch with them.

Most Secure and Reliable Mobile Phone Tracker for Android: Aispyer

AiSpyer is a secure and easy to use phone tracker for Android

Using AiSpyer you can exactly track the current location of your target and easily track call logs, SMS, contacts, photos, web history, email, calendar, keylogger and apps information on the target phone. Impressive is that phone tracker for Android can also spy fast all popular social apps very well such as WhatsApp, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, skype, line, WeChat etc.

Compared to use online or free solutions, using this phone tracker for Android is more secure and much more powerful, the price is not expensive, and you don’t have to worry about the risk by using online or free solutions any more. Check the details here.

Why choose Aispyer?

There are many mobile tracking tools on the market, so how do you choose which one is best? There are four important things that you must consider: whether the tool is safe enough to protect your information, whether the tool is easy to install, whether the tool is undetectable, and whether power consumption of the target phone is sufficiently low after installation. Aispyer is the software you need.


Aispyer has three methods to protect your data. You can stop monitoring at any time, continue monitoring after stopping for a period, or completely delete all data. Everything can be controlled by you.


Compared with the complicated and confusing installation process of similar software on the market, the installation process of Aispyer is clearer and easier. You can complete the installation in one minute.


After the installation is complete, Aispyer will automatically be hidden. You can monitor the information you want without any worries.

Power Saving

Thanks to the powerful and unique technology of Aispyer, power consumption of the target phone with Aispyer installed is lower than other products, making the tracking process almost undetectable.

Set up Aispyer mobile phone tracking in 3 easy steps

Register A Premium Account

Visit and create an account. After that, you’ll need to buy a plan to get the registration code and download link of the app.

Access to the Target Phone

Download the app on target device by entering the download link or scan the QR code. You can also check the video tutorial about how to install the app. After installation, the AiSpyer app icon will vanish from the screen in 5 seconds.

Monitoring App

When you successfully installed the app, you can log in your account on, and start tracking any data you want.

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