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Spyware Phonecreeper: Introduction, Behavior and Removal Instructions

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Spyware.Phonecreeper is a harmful spy-ware program that appears as Phone Creeper on screen. This application was updated on Oct 20, 2010 by Chet Striker. It affects windows mobile version 0.95 and above. It needs manual intervention to install in user’s handheld device. Just after installation it creates several harmful files and installs spying programs in infected system. It steals information from the system and transfer data to author of this program.

Spyware.Phonecreeper Behaviour:

This is a spyware application that silently monitors user’s internet behavior and then sends all sensitive information to owner of this program. It can steal phone information, SMS details, Call history and GPS details from infected windows mobile. It can also steal outlook information like, contact list details, calendar list, task list and appointment list. Spyware.Phonecreeper performs all these actions by using resources of host computer.

Along with security purpose, this spy-ware is also harmful for system performance. It can lock the screen. This spyware copy itself in a separate folder named as ‘Current folder’ just after installation and creates several malevolent files with EXE and DLL extension. These files slow down system performance and adversely affect function of other windows application.

You should not install this application on your system. If you have mistakenly installed this spyware application then remove Spyware.Phonecreeper instantly.

How to remove Spyware.Phonecreeper from your device:

You can remove this spy-ware from your system by using spyware detection program. You need to scan your system by using an updated Antivirus to identify all files created by this application. These files may look as:


Further you should delete all files EXE and DLL files that are present under ‘Current Folder’. You can use anti-spyware tool to detect and remove all Trojan infected files automatically. This software is available with high algorithm that offers deep scanning of device to detect and delete corrupted files. Along with removal of this spyware it can also enhance your pocket PC performance and further restricts any spyware attack.


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