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MySpace is great for music. It has an easy to use interface which you can change with pretty cool layouts, backgrounds etc. You can spend hours changing the way your profile looks and then there are really cool gadgets. Too many gadgets to mention here. Searching and adding friends are pretty easy and then the music player gives a great dimension. It gives you a good feel for the person’s taste or personality. In summary MySpace…

1. MySpace is great for music lovers/promoters/artists

In June 2009, it was reported that for the first time MySpace was falling behind Facebook in numbers of users. Comscore announced Facebook attracted 123.9 million visitors and 50.6 billion page views, compared with MySpace’s 114.6 million visitors and 45.4 billion page views. So it looks as if MySpace will have to stop trying to compete for the position of best social networking site and focus more on it’s niche, which is music.

Facebook, seems to be a place where more serious buyers and working people reside. I’m not saying that the unemployed prefer MySpace over Facebook, because i’m sure the unemployed are on both and of course, have the time to spend on social networking sites. It just seems that with the function of groups on Facebook there seems to be a growing community of people who have passion for various non and intellectual topics.

Facebook’s interface is not that great in my opinion. It is not as individual as MySpace or as creative. However, people prefer Facebook and the instant messenger facility which both Facebook and MySpace have, seems to be a hit. Facebook is great for petitions also.

Companies and businesses also have groups on Facebook, so allows communication for staff etc. In summary Facebook:

1. Facebook is great for communication with both individuals and groups.

Twitter is more a micro – blogging website than a social networking site and encourages habit, as users like to use it everyday. Twitter can be used for surveys and so many uses and does not take the user long to use.
It’s easy to use and a great way to catch up with friends around the world or spy on anyone by knowing what the people you would like to know, are doing. In summary:

1. Twitter is great to get to know people you would never know ie celebrities and a great platform for online businesses to keep their customers updated.

Each social media has it’s benefits and all three, allow people at home to communicate with anyone else anywhere in the world. That can’t be bad for the individual and is certainly not bad for businesses.


Source by Michelle Stanley

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